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Phalgunanda Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd.

phalgunanda logoTravel Name : Phalgunanda Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd.

Address Of Travel : Damak-11, Beldangi Road, Jhapa Nepal

Manager Name : Mr. Arjun Rai

Tele phone No : +977-23-585716 / 585074

Mobile No : +977-9804900289

E-mail  : phalgunandatravels@gmail.com

Travels Website: www.phalgunandatravels.com

Our Facilities:

  1. Air Ticketing (Domestic & International)
  2. Cargo & Courier Services (Domestic & International)
  3. All Remit (Money Transfer)
  4. Car/Van Reservation
  5. Properties Dealer Services
  6. Package Tour
  7. Sight Seeing
  8. Photocopy
  9. Net Phone
  10. More information visit our website www.phalgunandatravels.com

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Phalgunanda Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Company currently situated in the eastern part of Nepal, Damak, Jhapa established in 2012. Nepal is a popular tourist destination because of her natural things like beautiful Himalayas, Hills, Terai and diversity of social and cultural activities. So, millions of people come to visit every year in Nepal from every part of the world as well as Nepalese people use to travel around the world frequently. So, we decided to operate a travel agency which can help the travelers from every point of view like air tickets, hotels and land transportations with energetic, dynamics and loyal Management team. We believe in true hospitality with TQM.

It will be our great pleasure and a milestone for tourism industry, if you contact us for our services frankly.

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